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    The coffee missionary

    Each cup of Caroma coffee contains knowledge and experience, enthusiasm and passion. Allow yourself to be inspired by the enthusiasm of our Master Roaster, Valentin Hofer, and to be whisked away to the interesting world of coffee.

  • Tunki Organic Coffee

    Tunki, one of the best organic coffees in the world. This speciality coffee, which has been awarded with several prizes, convinces due to its flowery flavour, chocolatey taste and full body. region: Alto Tunquimayo, Bajo Tunquimayo,Pampa Yanamayo Pacaysuizo. cooperative: Cecovasa. altitude: 1.200 – 1.800 m. 
type: 100 % Arabica. preparation: Wet and sun-dried. taste: Full-bodied, spicy, floral and refined
    VAT included
  • DSZ-OU250BO

    Indonesia Sumatra Orang Utan Coffee

    A full-bodied coffee with an intensely sweet fragrance and strong, roasted flavours. Orang Utan Coffee – a project to assist with the protection of the Orang Utans and to support coffee farmers.
    immediately available, freshly roasted
    VAT included

    Slow Food Huehuetenango Guatemala

    One of the best coffees in the world; convinces due to its full body, subtle acidity and fruity, flowery hints. region: Huehuetenango. cooperative: Asodesi und Asasapne. altitude: 1.800 – 2.000 m. 
type: 100 % Arabica. preparation: Wet and sun-dried. taste: Balanced, fruity, nutty and chocolatey
    immediately available, freshly roasted
    VAT included
  • Traditional roasting

    Coffee beans only unfurl their full flavour after roasting. One bean contains up to 800 different sources of flavour. The duration and temperature of the roasting process determines the quality. Master Roaster and Coffee Sommelier Valentin Hofer refines his coffee by hand over the course of a sustained roasting process. This means that when you buy Caroma coffee you get a product which is of exceptional quality.

Caroma Kaffeeladen in Völs am Schlern

Enjoy sustainable products

We support ecologically-sustainable and socially-just economic cycles. One of our favourite projects is the Orang Utan Coffee Project. This supports farmers who agree to protect the rainforest and therefore the orang-utans in Sumatra and to cultivate their farmland on an ecologically sustainable basis. The Orang Utan Coffee is a full-bodied coffee with strong roasted flavours and a sweet fragrance.

  • Certified quality

    Valentin Hofer from Caroma only selects quality beans of the highest quality for his roasts. The coffee berries are harvested carefully by hand and removed from the fruit when they are wet, half dry or dry. After this, the beans are cleaned and sorted according to their size and quality. The long journey of the coffee has started ...

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