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With every coffee bean from controlled origin, including sustainable cultivation and gentle processing methods

Only highland coffee beans which are of exclusive quality and fulfil the specialist requirements of both our roastery and our customers are made into Caroma coffee. We attribute particular importance to the traceability of the green coffee and we only use beans from selected and certified coffee farms.

Ecologically sustainable farming

In organic farming, food is only produced in compliance with natural lifecycles. The goal of organic farming is to minimise the human impact on the environment. The products are produced in accordance with strict rules to protect the environment, animals and people. The EU Organic logo ensures that customers get fresh and tasty food.

Find out more about organic farming in Europe and its guidelines here.

slow food

Slow Food is both an eco-gastronomic non-profit organisation and counter movement to fast food. It aims to awaken interest in healthy, sustainably grown food, to make the production of food more sustainable, to maintain biodiversity and to support local gastronomic traditions. Our choice of food has a strong impact on natural and economic cycles. Further information on the Slow Food Organisation is available here:


Orang Utan Coffee Project

"Extensive tropical rainforest guarantee the special climate in which the unique Arabica coffee from Sumatra is able to thrive. The tropical rainforest is also the habitat of the Sumatran Orang-Utan, a threatened species. The continuing destruction of the tropical rainforests is depriving both the farmers and the orang-utans of their livelihoods. The Orang Utan Coffee Project supports farmers to farm their coffee plantations on an ecologically-sustainable basis and to prevent the clearing of the rainforest." …

Read the full report on the Orang Utan Coffee Project here.

bird friendly

In addition to the ecologically-sustainable cultivation, it is also ensured that the structure of the forest is maintained during the planting of the coffee trees to ensure the preservation of the habitat of the birds and animals.
Further information on the project is available here.

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