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Valentin Hofer,
the coffee missionary

Valentin Hofer is known throughout Italy for being the first Master Roaster who is able to call himself a Qualified Coffee Expert and a Chief Coffee Sommelier. His professional titles are acknowledged by the European Chamber of Commerce in Brussels. The Caroma customers benefit from the three professional courses that Valentin completed in the summer of 2007 in Vienna in two different ways – on the one hand, due to the excellent quality of the products, and on the other, through courses and training in which in-depth knowledge regarding coffee is passed on to all of those who serve discerning guests in their businesses.


Roasting coffee, preparing it correctly and enjoying it has a lot to do with the correct process and a flawless technique. For Caroma it is more than all of this, however: it is an art! This is what it becomes when the heart combines with knowledge and experience. Caroma wants to enable you to sample each and every one of the good and enlivening attributes of coffee and to demonstrate that behind every good cup of coffee you enjoy is the enthusiasm and passion of an expert who finds fulfilment and joy in their work.

Specialist knowledge

Valentin Hofer is rightly proud of his certified qualifications as a Qualified Coffee Expert and a Chief Coffee Sommelier – and with our products, you can benefit from his in-depth special knowledge. If, as a restaurateur or quite simply someone who loves coffee, you would like to further your knowledge of coffee, Valentin Hofer is the ideal person to accompany you on your journey in the world of coffee. The courses are available in German and Italian. Come and visit us in our roastery and make use of our varied training offer.

Courses completed by Valentin Hofer:
Coffee Introduction
1995Introduction to coffee roasting
2007MarchCoffee expert
2007AprilDiploma as a Qualified Coffee Expert
2007NovemberChief Coffee Sommelier
2008February1 day course in latte making
2008MarchLevel I training as a Barista
2008JuneMembership of SCA (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe)
2008JuliCoffee training trip to Tanzania (harvesting, processing and training)
2009FebruaryLevel II training as a Barista
2009MayBrew Master (Grinding & Brewing I) Training to be a filter coffee expert
2009MayCoffee roasting course
2009MayCup Tasting Training with the Cup Tasting world champion, Gloria Pedroza
2009SeptemberWork as a juror on the 1st Tyrolean Barista championship
2010FebruaryCup Tasting with green coffee experts at the Inter American Coffee
2010FebruaryTraining in roasting for experts with the roasting machine manufacturers Probat
2010SeptemberSCA-Authorized Trainer (AST); Training course with Heinz Trachsel for qualification as a SCA trainer
2011JanuaryCoffee training trip to Nicaragua
2011NovemberAST calibration
2012SeptemberSensory & Cup Tasting Level I
2012SeptemberGreen Coffee Level I
2012SeptemberAdvanced Brewing Level II (Brew Master)
2012SeptemberCoffee Diploma
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